About Amethystium

Amethystium is the soundtrack to a journey – between light and darkness, humanity and fantasy. A dreamy fusion of ambient electronica, world music and neoclassical darkwave, the music walks a tight-rope between bliss and melancholy, taking you on an emotive escape from the ordinary.

Created by Norwegian composer and producer Øystein Ramfjord, and often featuring guest musicians, Amethystium started out with a demo release that quickly garnered a following through word of mouth. The following three album releases on Neurodisc Records all spent multiple weeks on the American Billboard charts, and sold over 100.000 copies worldwide.

After a hiatus following 2008’s Isabliss album, the first new music came in 2012 with the the Aurorae EP. Fusing moody and melodic electronica with Norwegian folk music instrumentation, the independent release reached the iTunes Top 10 Electronic albums chart in the U.S. A fifth studio album continuing in the same musical vein is currently in production, and expected to be released in March 2014.

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