New album video preview

(from the Facebook page)

Here’s a preview of the new album that’s being released tomorrow (March 28)! You can get it at The video has cover artworks merged with snapshots and videos from some of the places the music was created. You can also hear an extended preview at

The location backstory of the album is that in 2012 I left my home to combine making music with long-term solo-travel, and ended up working on this music in fifteen different countries. Parts of it were probably made in some of your hometowns – you might spot it in the video :)

Since this is a self-release with no label/marketing help, any help with sharing and spreading the word would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support over the years; this album wouldn’t exist without it. And thanks also to the musicians who contributed: Martine Kraft, Lee Nisbet, Stacy King Evans, Erlend Kvam and Rhys Marsh.

I hope some of you will like the new music :)


New Amethystium album coming in March

A new Amethystium album titled ‘Transience’ will be released on March 28th, available from digital stores and services worldwide. You can pre-order it right now with a discount from iTunes. It is also available for pre-ordering from Amazon. Cover artwork and tracklisting below. For more information see the discography page.


Amethystium - Transience01. Mono No Aware (Opening) (2:23)
02. Mesmerized (4:55)
03. Nightfall (4:30)
04. Luminescence (5:21)
05. Solace (4:40)
06. Faraway (5:35)
07. Saudade (4:55)
08. Some Kind of Sunrise (4:36)
09. Breathe Out (5:18)
10. Transience (5:28)
11. Epilogue (4:52)

Hear the new EP on Facebook and YouTube

You can now hear the new Aurorae EP in full from the “Music” tab on the official Facebook page, as well as on the YouTube channel.

If you like the songs please consider getting the EP from iTunes, or visit where you can now also download it directly in FLAC (or mp3) format and set the price yourself.

Thanks to everyone who has bought it so far, and who helped it reach the US Top 10 Electronic albums chart on iTunes on its release day!