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  • Voiceguy

    I am very looking foreward to the new EP!!! As a side note, “Ethereal” is one of my most favorite songs of all time; almost beyond words….

    • Ruda1999

      I agree… “Ethereal” is the best of the best… When I listen to this composition, I hear my soul…

    • If you like “Ethereal” you will also like “Berceuse”. This one is my fav track, make sure u listen to it on proper proff audio offering decent ambient sound. Check it out on or get the Wav file.
      I simply can’t understand why Amethystium isn’t being well promoted,he is such an awesome artist I’ve discovered. Chill and enjoy

  • Greg

    I love all of your music .it is so amazing

  • James

    I’ve only just found the site I came through after finding Amethystium on youtube yesterday and now I can’t stop playing it …..The new one that came out today is brilliant

  • Jules Manson

    I love all your work. But I do have a question. Have you lent your voice to any of your songs before? Moreover, I think your fans want to know what you look like. I am not certain if you can play your music live but it would be amazing seeing you perform.

  • Eugenie

    I can’t get enough of your music. Looking forward to more!

  • Gerardo Valverde Murillo

    Thanks for your music

  • Axnm

    Øystein, I just love you :)

  • Emmanuel Chan

    Your music is so unique! Ever since I chanced upon your CD Aphelion in 2009 I have been listening to it. It takes us to places. You are an inspiration to me.

  • Elisha

    Any performances coming up? Looking for music events with your music…!

  • Eddi Corro


  • syam thampi

    thanks,oystein ramfjord
    i like shadow to light

  • Iuliantalpazan

    i like Amethystium the best

  • Hamed-kafily

    سلام…تبریک میگویم به خاطر سبک موسیقی بسیار عالی و زیبایی شما ..من تمام البوم های شما را دارم و از شنیدنش بسیار لذت میبرم. با ارزوی موفقیت روز از فضون برای شما.

    • Hamed-kafily

      با سلام…..هر چقدر به البوم ها گوش میکنم حسی جدید . زیبا و ارامشی وصف ناپذیر دست پیدا میکنم..بدون اغراق باید بگم بسیار عالی و وصف ناپذیر در مقایسه با اهنگسازان مشهور و گروه های موسیقی در این سبک. تمام ترانه ها دارای مفهوم ..ملودی بسیار زیبا .حس نخیل قوی دوست دارم و این رو میخواهم که تو این مسیر ثابت قدم باشی و هر چند که میتونی از این اسنعداد خدادادی استفاده کنی و البوم های بیشتری روانه ی دنیا کنی…تبرکات قلبی من برای تو . به البوم های جدید فکر کن .

      • hamed-kafily

        سلام زمانش نرسیده البوم های جدید رو گوش بدهیم….شتاب کن

  • AngeliqueFever

    His songs can touch many souls. Congratulations for the great job.

  • Foulad Ahmadzai2011

    Hello I wish u will be happy and healthy Just i want to ask you when release ur new album
    best regards ur really god of music

  • Manish Batola

    This is one of the best New Age Ambient music I’ve come across. One must have professional audio to enjoy every little instrument which tries to surround the vacant gaps in each of their tracks. The music is AWESOME. No matter how many ever times I listen to it, I keep getting back to it. Amethystium is now become a must for my headphones when I’m developing Software, it simply takes me into virtual places one can only dream of getting there in his wildest dreams.
    I must say a BIG THANK-YOU to the Composer for giving us such wonderful music. Please don’t you ever stop.

  • Diogo Correia

    Thank you for your existence! Very good songs.

  • Alex Shaikh

    Amethystium is the kind of music I hope they play in Heaven :)

  • T.J. Trujillo

    This has to be the music of Gods Angels.

  • dick

    Great music to relax with in these times of high stress levels

  • Oscar

    felicito al autor por tan buena música, agiornando lo clásico

  • Ronald Gillis

    I don’t know what I can add to all these great and well deserved remarks by folks who love your music as much as I…but I do have this….destiny.Your music,along with Enigma and Tangerine Dream have changed the direction of my life.I am a painter.I paint pictures but you create worlds.Your music has inspired me to enter into music arranging and production creating electronica and ambient music.If I can create one song that even hints at your greatness I will consider it time well spent.Now,a dumb question perhaps.
    Do you ever tour and do you ever tour in the states and do you have any plans?

  • EugeniaJabkowski

    Come to Clarksville,Tennessee!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Very-very IMPLESANT!

  • Micah

    I bought Isabliss a few months ago and Amethystium has quickly rose to one of my favorite artists. For Christmas I got itunes music gift cards and finished off the Amethystium collection. Very Very glad I did! eagerly looking forward to the new full length album. Keep em coming and I’ll keep listening!

  • Ethereal is defenitely “channeled” from a realm that transcends this mundane world.

  • Var innom og hørte på den nydelige musikken din! Hvor får du fiolinen og den nydelige vokalen fra?


  • disqus_QXAkpuzFkZ

    Gloria and I have listened to sold and turned people onto your music for years now. Every time we hear a tune on any of the CD’s whichever tune it may be, it could pluck a heart string and the two of us would be in tears. Your music like no other does this to both of us on a consistent basis. Thank you for your soulful music and your love and interest in the Dragonfly. We love you Oystein.. From The World of Faeries and a Greenman.