Amethystium – Aurorae EP out now!

The new Amethystium EP is released today and available from digital download stores worldwide, such as iTunes and ( | .de | .fr | You can also download it in FLAC or MP3 format directly from the official website.


1. Nightfall (4:23)
2. Solace (4:40)
3. Faraway (5:36)
4. Outro (6:04)

See the discography page for full credits.

A video with sample clips from the songs can be heard on the homepage, the music player on the official Facebook page and on YouTube.

Thanks for the support!


  • Stef

    Is the EP also available in FLAC format or other download stores as the ones defined in your message ?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not currently available in FLAC I’m afraid, but it is available in various other stores (like I don’t have the full overview of all the stores though.

      • Your music definitely deserves to be heard in lossless quality, this EP is awesome!

      • Any plans for FLAC coming about? If so, I’ll wait. If not, I’ll just buy now. :)

        • Anonymous

          A couple of people have asked, so I’ll try to get a direct FLAC store up and running tomorrow. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

          • That would so awesome of you. Thanks:) I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d like that. I appreciate it and just let us know. Take care.

          • Anonymous

            Here’s a direct store for FLAC at last:

          • Grem Lynn

            I have the complete discography, and I just about screamed in ecstacy when I saw the notice that there are four new songs. I’ve never come across music so beautiful…

          • Anonymous

            Thank you!

          • Grem Lynn

            Already my favorite is Outro. It reminds me of Ethereal. That song almost made me cry when I first heard it.

  • Thank you. Just bought it via iTunes and now listing (Nightfall 1:2 m). Sounds really great. Congratulation – it will be a hit!

  • Just ordered the EP from amazon. Any plans for a new full length album?
    Keep making songs, they are magical to listen to!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Frank! And yes, there are plans for a full length album (which will hopefully be on CD as well). This EP is digital only though.

      • Fredrik

        Then I’m heading to iTunes asap to get “Solace”, that teaser has me in awe and francly sounds like one of your best works to date!

  • Raul Martinez

    It’s Amazing

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  • Ernenadj

    Very nice!!!

  • Just bought one! You make the most beautiful music in the world and we will always support your work!

  • O_weinzettl

    bout time something comes out! will probably buy, if I like it. will listen to the teaser on YT in a second

  • Xylvanya

    it´s well worth to hear your music….regards from germany…Xylvanya

  • Tabar1113

    hi i am from iran do you have any store in dubai ?

    • Anonymous

      Not that I know of, but will try to get a direct store set up this weekend.

  • Fredrik

    The teaser sounds amazing, even more beautiful than your previous work! Will this EP be available on Spotify Premium soon?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Fredrik. It will be on Spotify eventually, but not for a few weeks yet unfortunately.

  • I’m from Spain and cannot purchase it anywhere due to geographic restrictions. I don’t use iTunes, so it’s not an option. Can you supply the name of a store in Spain from which I can buy your releases from? Alternatively, an on-line shop on this site, with a payment gateway (e.g. Paypal) shouldn’t be to difficult to implement. Regards

    • Anonymous

      Hi Iñigo, maybe this store will work for you: And you’re right about setting up a simple PayPal store, will try to get that done this weekend.

      • Excellent! Will purchase right now. Thank you for your help and your lovely music.

  • Delvanson

    I don’t have any acc itunes.i would like ask some : Sell this wonderful musica in stores Please.

  • Gianni Franceschinis

    Got it from Itunes and just one word: WOW… Incredible music… The complexity of the sounds is just beautiful. Keep making music!!! Another awesome release!!! Thanks!!!

    • Anonymous

      Glad you like it, and thank _you_ for buying it!

  • Olgert Gustavson

    I wait for a long time. Welcome, Amethystium!

  • If you can, you should update the original post with the link to the FLAC store. It is awesome. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Good idea, will do..!

  • rochmadi m

    Just bought this last Sunday. And I listen to this over and over again by now :-D… Great Music. Keep making amazing music!! I’m waiting for you to release your new full album ;-)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the compliment and support :)

  • Andrejtumanov


  • Anrejtumanov

    Love your Music!! Andrej Russia

  • Alex Fraim

    Thank you for your beautiful and work! It has been inspiring me since I fist discovered it in 2005. Downloading the new EP as I write this and am looking forward to it. Keep up the magic…

    • amethystium

      Thanks! Hope you like it.

  • Eugenie

    Thank you for bringing slices of heaven to this plane of existence.

  • This EP has made me fall in love with amethystium all over again, adding violins and cellos were a great idea, really hoping for more, it’s very addictive and enchanting music.
    5 stars

    • amethystium

      Very cool to hear that — thank you :)

  • Марк Мясников

    You one of the best! From my heart and soul, 3dmark! – SuperExcellent! I want more! :)

  • Sir HC

    I have been listening to ambient and new age music since 1989. Lately I have been feeling like people just dont get it anymore. You sir, still do. Your music is awesome, free of buzzwords and just a pure expression of those emotions that we all know but cant say. I look forward to your future work.

  • ancient wizard

    make new album please :)

  • Carron (Psycazdeva )

    Since hearing a whole album of music and enjoying the track Treasre on a film called The Abyss and another that was Orchestrated for The Rain Children- Les Efants de les Pluie I have been HOOKED ! Broght the C.D’s will this too it is great music, thank you of course for your brilliance and sharing this ;)

    • amethystium

      Thank you – cool to know how you heard about it!