Hear the new EP on Facebook and YouTube

You can now hear the new Aurorae EP in full from the “Music” tab on the official Facebook page, as well as on the YouTube channel.

If you like the songs please consider getting the EP from iTunes, or visit http://amethystium.com/shop where you can now also download it directly in FLAC (or mp3) format and set the price yourself.

Thanks to everyone who has bought it so far, and who helped it reach the US Top 10 Electronic albums chart on iTunes on its release day!


  • It’s very-very amazing!!!

  • Grrutland

    can i buy emblem?

    • Anonymous

      If you mean in FLAC/MP3 format, that can be arranged if you live outside of the U.S. (due to territory restrictions). If so just use the contact form to get in touch :)

  • Andre Prov

    “…A new album in late 2012 is the plan, but there might be one more EP before that, in the spring (with music unrelated to the album).”
    Any news about the next EP? ;)

  • wow Oystein a top ten rating on i -tunes on the realease date good job
    nice that many people enjoy great music composed by a caring an loving person

  • Amazing music, I wish I’ve discovered it earlier. I think this is future of music.

  • Any news about the next EP?

  • Muhanef

    I love the sound of spirt u play in ur music so wonderfulll……..thnx for those beautiful moument u gave us