New EP coming on January 20th

A new EP titled “Aurorae EP” will be released in a week, on January 20th. Here’s the tracklist and cover artwork:

1. Nightfall (4:23)
2. Solace (4:40)
3. Faraway (5:36)
4. Outro (6:04)


  • on CD?

    • Anonymous

      No, this release is digital only I’m afraid.

      • Grrr… I hate this kind of “digital-only” stuff… but still – I am very glad that finally we will have something new from Amethystium! : )

        Where is it going to be available?

        • Anonymous

          It’ll be available from the international major stores like iTunes and Amazon, and various smaller/domestic stores.

          • gvbn

            how about spotify?

          • Spotify isn’t available everywhere. I would suggest bandcamp page.

          • Anonymous

            To begin with it won’t be on any streaming services other than WiMP (Norway, Sweden, Denmark only), but probably on Spotify too eventually.

        • I agree with you. I may be from the old age but I always like to have the physical media at hand. I have Odonata and Evermind (authographed by Øystein, thanks! ;) and they always bring some curiosity from people when they see the sleeve. Actually, my former boss saw the Odonata CD on my desk, was curious, listened to it and became a fan!

  • hobefully in FLAC or other lossless then…

    • Anonymous

      The goal is to have a direct download store offering FLAC up and running soon, hopefully in time for the EP release.

  • This news made me very happy. I just cannot wait for next material from Amethystium. Are you planning a full album release anytime soon?

    • Anonymous

      Not anytime soon, I think the next release will also be an EP (with a rather different sound to it). But there will definitely be another full length album, possibly towards the end of the year, we’ll see.

  • Randall Wright

    Ah, I can’t wait! I’ve been collecting your work from the beginning. Thanks for the EP. I NEED new music.

  • Rick13h

    It is great to know that new music is coming..i really needed it, it is a shame it is not a full CD, I like digital content but also it is nice to see and feel the brochure..

  • Scott Smith

    Beautiful artwork like always… If there were t-shirts with the Amethystium artwork on them, I would own ALL of them! (hint, hint)
    I am looking forward to getting a new Amethystium fix on Jan 20th.
    BTW – the website changes truly look gorgeous.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a recurring request actually — will look into having some t-shirts available soon…!

  • Steven M. Hewitt

    Nice Aurora Borealis cover. Look forward to hearing the new tracks. Who created the cover? Are you still with Neurodisc? -Steve

    • Anonymous

      Hi Steve, I’m still working with Neurodisc, but this EP is released independently / on my own label. The cover is by Aimee Stewart (

  • Rocketship Sails

    I’ve been waiting so long for new songs from you! I’m so excited! I was wondering, if you cant tell me its fine, what programs do you use to make your music? And do you ever perform live? I’m working on my album now and just looking for ways to improve is all. Thanks

    -Joey of Rocketship Sails

    • Anonymous

      I’m using Sonar X1 Producer for sequencing, recording and mixing. I love the workflow after their recent massive overhaul, and can definitely recommend it, but I don’t really think the tools/software matter that much. No current plans for live shows I’m afraid. Good luck with your album!

      • Rocketship Sails

        Oh ok, thank you so much for replying! Honestly, I’ve asked other artists online questions about their music, really simple stuff, and I get no answer. So really, thank you so much for the reply, its greatly appreciated! I’m going to check out Sonar! Again, looking forward to the new EP and thanks for the good luck wishes!

  • Anonymous

    I Congratulate you for the renewal for your website and for your new music too
    I really can’t imagine how it will be, but I am very excited
    The Cover of the album is very simple and wonderful, I love the colors too
    I know foxfire from ” “Aimee Stewart simply stunning , this is a good choice
    I wish you more success and creativity


  • Nathaniel Foldan

    One of my all time favorite artists. So glad you’re still releasing stuff! A sound like no other. Avalon is my favorite song ever!

  • alex




  • you continue to amaze me ;)

  • ramesh nair

    Hi im ramesh from singapore. Is there any way to purchase your latest album auroroe ep? I could not find your latest cd here no matter how ¶much i’ve tried to. I just love your music and have buying all your previous albums. Please let me know. My email address is Cheers!

  • mohsen moadeli

    I’m from Persia , and I’m just glad that u guys release an EP , it’s been a 4 yours since the last album , right ? by the way ,thanks so much . I really appreciate your music and style .keep going ,good luck

  • M e s k i n

    I’ve listened to it and that was a nice job but have to say please! come back to your old style.i dont mean copy yourself just follow your first awesome style.

  • Rafał

    It’s give me positive shivers :)
    I FEEL IT:)
    THANKS for Øysteina Ramfjorda for a great album.
    I hope You never stop making.

    l always waiting for your new album.
    Rafał from POLAND