New album video preview

(from the Facebook page)

Here’s a preview of the new album that’s being released tomorrow (March 28)! You can get it at The video has cover artworks merged with snapshots and videos from some of the places the music was created. You can also hear an extended preview at

The location backstory of the album is that in 2012 I left my home to combine making music with long-term solo-travel, and ended up working on this music in fifteen different countries. Parts of it were probably made in some of your hometowns – you might spot it in the video :)

Since this is a self-release with no label/marketing help, any help with sharing and spreading the word would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support over the years; this album wouldn’t exist without it. And thanks also to the musicians who contributed: Martine Kraft, Lee Nisbet, Stacy King Evans, Erlend Kvam and Rhys Marsh.

I hope some of you will like the new music :)


  • Dark Poet

    God bless you.
    Amethystium is where you can find innovation, passion, joy, sadness, revelations and inspiration in its supreme fashion.
    Thanks a lot for your music that enlightened our souls and hearts.

  • alk

    You’re one of the few real artists still working today that communicates with your fans and followers so willingly. Makes the phenomenon and power of your music even stronger. Thank you.

    • amethystium

      That’s just a pleasure – and I’m privileged that people cares :)

  • Smitty

    …OK, I know this sounds sappy, but Øystein’s music has given me peace through an exceedingly dark time in my life. On the other side of that time now, I can tell that Transience will be just as important to me. Thanks for the music Øystein!

  • ArcticKat

    Hello from Alaska! If CDs wore out my collection of yours would have worn out long ago. Thrilled you are releasing a new album. Now I have an iPod so they go everywhere with me. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself.

  • HybridKin

    This is great! No other music comes close to the quality you bring to this world, if you hadn’t started making music, i never would have either. You are a constant inspiration for me and the rest of the world who has true ears.

    • amethystium

      Thank you Barry :)

  • M.J

    Will it be available in FLAC on your website like the others?

    • amethystium

      Yes, in a few hours..!

  • Brian

    Will this be released on CD?

    • amethystium

      Not initially I’m afraid, but there should be a “print-on-demand” (CD-R) edition available on request shortly for those who really want it on disc.

  • Shimmer McKennit

    Love, love, love your stuff. I have all of your previous works and cannot wait to get the new release to add to what I already love to listen to. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work!!

  • Emil Herrera-Schulz

    Oh no! I am unable to see the video in Germany… that is really too bad! Will check out the previews on iTunes. Congratulations on this release, I am already hooked by the intro!

  • Troy Newbegin

    Several times over the past year or two I would check your website for news of any new releases. When I received your email this morning regarding this one, I literally lit up inside and pumped my fist up in the air. I absolutely love your music. It is very inspiring. I work on writing my own music, focused mainly on guitar melodies and looking to release something of my own. Your travels have obviously been very inspirational to you. I just returned from Peru last month and it is amazing how much of an impact travelling can have on our souls. Thank you Oystein for sharing your soul through your music.

    • amethystium

      Awesome to hear! And yes, traveling has been really good, but is also feeling a bit tiring to me at this point. I think I’d prefer a little more stability soon.

      • Troy Newbegin

        Indeed, there is a great deal to integrate after 1 year of travelling. Wishing you peace and joy on the rest of your journey and wherever you set anchor.

  • Steve Obser

    My girlfriend surprised me tonight by purchasing the new music from Amazon to keep my Amethystium collection complete. I love it, I’m so excited to have it the first day! Thank you Oystein!

    • amethystium

      Your girlfriend is awesome :)

  • Thank you. Your music helps me to live.

  • forestdweller

    Amethystium has been with me on life’s journey in a choreographed way. Deeply personal and memorable music. Places and heart and dreams realized are experienced and gifted to the listener. I own all of Amethystium music. It’s art and heart and welcoming beautiful music, It’s extraordinary. It’s like being in heaven and Amethystium is your neighbor; so all your windows are open wide to listen to the music! I hope one day we are neighbors, but for now thank!you for being with me on life’s journey. It’s been Grand!

    • amethystium

      Thank you!

  • Rustem PsyRaver

    Thank you so much, Øystein! your music is more than just music, it’s like the flight of the soul and mind! sorry for my english))

  • Carron Wallace

    love it, and will be purchasing same as I have all others, always telling people how good Amethystium is ;)

  • Fairy

    Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for this, almost being completly sad ’cause your songs are truly a bridge between mind and heaven, between perfection and possibilities…. Like Vlad….your music helps me to live…. and love , too. Thanks

  • Cloudberry

    Always great to get new music from you. I have all of it, including the previous download and this compilation. This album maintains your super-high standard. I find your music dark, mysterious and incredibly brilliant. The world needs Amethystium more than it knows. Greetings from the UK.


    I’m waiting on Transience coming, what a talent this guy is!


    I received “Transience” last week to make up the set can’t stop playing it.
    Some beautiful haunting melodies.

  • Pi

    Followed every note of your journey and will always anticipate the next note!

  • Greetings from Portugal. You should do an album per year, but i know there´s a track you gotta keep. Just keep on that positive wave, we are all grateful.

  • Vladimir

    Greetengs from Russia! Oystein, will there be more albums?

  • Marianne King

    Seems all has been quiet for a couple of years, I hope you are well and this means you are making more awe inspiring tunes for us to let lost and find ourselves to. I can’t me alone in thinking your music is like true magic.

    • Thank you Marianne, and yes new music is being made :)

  • Mauro

    I’m feeding my soul with this sound. Thank you.

  • Michieux

    I’m a newcomer to this music and have come to love it. Amethystium’s is such a distinctive sound, I can almost always tell in a blind test whether it is Amethystium or some other music I am hearing. Begging the question, will there ever be another Amethystium album? Greetings from Australia!

    • Thank you! It’s taking forever as usual, but there will be another Amethystium album :)

      • Michieux

        Glad to hear, always,