Emblem (Selected Pieces)


01. Ethereal
02. Arcus
03. Exultation
04. Autumn Interlude
05. Shadowlands
06. Fable
07. Shadow to Light
08. Dreamdance
09. Odyssey
10. Ad Astra
11. Enchantment
12. Satori
13. Elvensong
14. Meadowland
15. Anthemoessa



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Released: October 10, 2006
Format: Compilation album (CD / Digital)
Label: Neurodisc Records



A retrospective collection of songs from the first three albums, all re-mastered (by Emily Lazar) and a couple of them re-recorded. It also features a new recording of the song “Meadowland” (previously only available on the Autumn Interlude demo EP) and the new song “Anthemoessa”. The original CD edition came in an exclusive slipcase with an embossed dragonfly, and all CD editions has a photo-booklet containing brief anecdotes about each song.