Aurorae EP


1. Nightfall (4:23)
2. Solace (4:40)
3. Faraway (5:36)
4. Outro (6:04)



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Released: January 20, 2012
Format: EP (Digital)
Label: Records



Composed, produced and performed by Øystein Ramfjord.
Additional musicians:
Martine Kraft: Hardingfiddle on track 1 and 2.
Erlend Kvam: Cello on track 1 and 3.

Additional fiddle arrangements on track 1 and 2 by Martine Kraft.

Hardingfiddle recorded at Enger Studio, Gjøvik, Norway. Engineered by Stig Enger.
Cello recorded at Autumnsongs Recording Studio, Trondheim, Norway. Engineered by Rhys Marsh.

Cover design by Aimee Stewart.

Mastered by Don C. Tyler.



  • Greggc68

    As always…great to listen to!

  • So, beautiful! Thank you for making such beautiful music. I just wish you had made more in your new album. : (

  • Erik Wijdemans

    Hi Ostyein!

    Great to hear and see the work you’ve done! It’s maybe a bit strange to say but I’m proud of you!
    I’m always smiling and feel energized when I tell others about your work! That, you cannot buy!

    I hope this stream of the most beautiful music ever will continue and evolve ever more!

    Yours, Erik

  • Hedwhin


  • odessitzt

    thank you that you are! but was expecting more!

  • Amethystium is the best new age and word music !
    Greetings from Brazil.


  • nabi

    Oystein..your music is out of this world.. hard to find words to describe it.

  • Angeles

    Please, never give up composing… You are a blessing.

    • amethystium

      Thank you for that; and I don’t think I will :)

  • Nasser_enigma

    thank you for music very beautiful

  • ianmi

    Nice music… keep up the good melodies! ^_^ You’re are very talented composers

  • Daniel

    Your music touches the spirit. Indescribable.

  • H. K. Trautmann

    Life just wouldn’t be the same without your music. Greetings from South America!

  • Lyubomir (Sleepwalker)

    Great EP! Your proved to be a New Age master.

  • Shamil

    please please please, live forvever to keep us in peace with your music and inspirations.
    Can’t live a day without listeing to your music.
    Thank you so much
    From Canada