TracklistingAmethystium - Transience

01. Mono No Aware (Opening)
02. Mesmerized
03. Nightfall
04. Luminescence
05. Solace
06. Faraway
07. Saudade
08. Some Kind of Sunrise
09. Breathe Out
10. Transience
11. Epilogue



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Released: March 28, 2014
Format: Album (Digital)
Label: Records


Composed, produced and performed by Øystein Ramfjord.
Additional musicians:
Lee Nisbet: Vocals on track 10.
Martine Kraft: Hardingfiddle on track 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10.
Erlend Kvam: Cello on track 3, 6 and 7.

Vocals on tracks 10 co-arranged by Lee Nisbet and Stacy King Evans.
Additional fiddle arrangements on track 2, 3, 5 and 10 by Martine Kraft.

Hardingfiddle recorded at Enger Studio, Gjøvik, Norway. Engineered by Stig Enger.
Cello recorded at Autumnsongs Recording Studio, Trondheim, Norway. Engineered by Rhys Marsh.
Vocals on tracks 10 engineered and co-mixed by Stacy King Evans.

Cover artwork by Marcela Bolivar.

Mastered by Robert Rich.



  • Guest

    Another masterpiece from Amethystium. I just can’t wait to 28th March.

  • Dave Ewart

    Any plans to release on CD?

    • amethystium

      Not initially as a proper CD release. But it should be available from a print-on-demand service as an alternative if you prefer a physical disc.

  • Josh

    Following up on Dave Ewart’s question – any plans on releasing in FLAC format through the Amethystium store?

    • amethystium

      Yes! And also on Bandcamp.

  • I have a question. First off, I absolutely love your work. Without a doubt the most beautiful music ever created. Second of all, is there any way to get a high quality image of this album artwork? I would love to make a custom poster of it!

    • amethystium

      Thank you! I don’t think it’ll be made available for download in poster-quality resolution, but a poster might be available from an online shop in a couple of weeks.

  • Maik Adamietz

    I had another listen to this extended preview using my Sennheiser HD 25-1 II headphones and i’m blown away by the sound of it. To me it’s already another masterpiece. Can’t wait to listen to the complete album. Truly amazing.

  • anup rao

    pre-ordered and downloaded the album a few hours ago. you have a fan in me from India!

  • Oceano

    New album is masterpiece. I love it and it was worth to wait! :)

  • Hannah Werlang Becker

    Hi Oystein! thank´s the email!!!
    This master piece “TRansience” remember your new
    age root´s! …is it a reminescence of the Isabliss album? …I feel it!

  • frankadimcosta

    Great music. Great feeling. TNX Øystein ! Many thanks from Italy !

  • Andrius Alešiūnas

    One word – Amazing

  • Dian Sandyco

    Avery beautiful arasemen combines a sense of rhythm and imagination

  • Rafał

    It’s give me positive shivers :)
    I FEEL IT:)
    THANKS for Øysteina Ramfjorda for a great album.
    I hope You never stop making.
    Rafał from POLAND

  • Robert Mauldin

    Do you think there is a loss of sound quality from the original design with 256 bitrate?

  • Alireza

    Hi. your musics are like a spiritual travel. deep and delightful.
    Alireza from Iran

  • Санчеззз

    как всегда на высоте!

  • SabrinaO.

    Is it possible to place an order to have a CD version of the Transcience album? If yes, where?

  • Daniel

    Quite possibly the most glorious music I’ve ever listened to. The song ‘Transcience’ just cuts right through me. Øystein, you have a gift.

  • guessed

    Transience is wonderful music in keeping with Amethystium’s many other albums. Please note: If you buy the cd through Kunaki thinking that it will be an uncompressed CDDA format (as I did), you will learn that it is a AIFF-C lossless compression format burned to a CD. The CD arrived promptly and well packaged but I wish somewhere it had said this was not a standard CD format. I guess what I bought for the extra cost was a jewel box and the cover art. Such great music should be available uncompressed. Maybe someday…

  • Diogo Lemos

    Amethystium music has the power to send us to other planes, to other dimensions, to inside ourselves… Forever fan for Brazil.