Release dateMarch 28, 2014Release typeAlbumFormatDigital



Transience, the fifth studio album, was released in March 2014. It fuses moody and melodic electronica with subtle vocals, strings and folk music instrumentation. The album was created largely with mobile equipment while living and traveling in fifteen different countries over a two year period.

A print-on-demand CD edition is available to order from Kunaki.

  1. Mono No Aware (Opening)
  2. Mesmerized
  3. Nightfall
  4. Luminescence
  5. Solace
  6. Faraway
  7. Saudade
  8. Some Kind of Sunrise
  9. Breathe Out
  10. Transience
  11. Epilogue

Composed, produced and performed by Øystein Ramfjord.
Additional musicians:
Lee Nisbet: Vocals on track 10.
Martine Kraft: Hardingfiddle on track 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10.
Erlend Kvam: Cello on track 3, 6 and 7.

Vocals on tracks 10 co-arranged by Lee Nisbet and Stacy King Evans.
Additional fiddle arrangements on track 2, 3, 5 and 10 by Martine Kraft.

Hardingfiddle recorded at Enger Studio, Gjøvik, Norway. Engineered by Stig Enger.
Cello recorded at Autumnsongs Recording Studio, Trondheim, Norway. Engineered by Rhys Marsh.
Vocals on tracks 10 engineered and co-mixed by Stacy King Evans.

Cover artwork by Marcela Bolivar.

Mastered by Robert Rich.