01. Opaque
02. Ilona
03. Enchantment
04. Dreamdance
05. Tinuviel
06. Avalon
07. Calantha
08. Odyssey
09. Fairyland
10. Paean
11. Arcane Voices
12. Ascension
13. Ethereal
14. Lhasa



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Japanese edition

Released: August 14, 2001
Format: Album (CD / Digital)
Label: Neurodisc Records


  • cheeco

    Beutiful music

  • Muhanef

    like it so muc

  • Tuor

    u r great my friend.keep doing this.

  • songof erin

    Anyone else pick up on the LOTR link? Listen to Lothlórien by Enya and then to this.

    • songof erin

      Sorry meant to say, listen to Lothlórien and then to Tinuviel.

  • Singing Gems

    i love your style…Arabic melodic ambient kind music…i think you are one of these rare music makers who have heart soul and great imaginary…eh hard to find your kind of music makers in these days…well sadly most of the people actually don’t listen emotional music anymore they go with the flow of soulless music.

  • Galf

    Please! Write what song/music used in Ascension in the beginning and in the middle!
    There are some words like: jenjela jenje, aman la awai tu.. )))) I listened it many years ago but unfortunately didn’t find.